Mortgage Calculator: Online Settlement with Early Repayment


The Sberbank mortgage calculator on the website allows you to calculate a mortgage payment online, as well as to consider the mortgage payment in the RF Security Council ahead of time with saving the results in Excel.

The calculator is used both for calculating mortgages in the primary market and for housing from the secondary market. As a down payment on a mortgage, you can specify the maternity capital.

Next, the calculator itself and the loan repayment rules.


The cost of the building (premises, apartments) The amount of the down payment Mortgage loan rate,% Mortgage term, years.

It is possible to use Excel calculation directly on the site or download it . 
By making the substitution of parameters into the model – yellow fields (variable cells) , you can build a schedule of payments on the Sberbank loan with the ability to plan earlier repayment. 
The model is suitable for other banks as well. calculation method approved by the Central Bank of Russia.

Calculator of early mortgage payment of Sberbank of Russia

You can download the calculation model in MS Excel format by clicking on DOWNLOAD FILE .

The model is useful to you if you plan to make an earlier repayment of the principal on the loan in order to reduce the monthly payment. An alternative is the possibility of reducing part of the debt with a decrease in the total loan term – a similar mortgage model for VTB Albert Campion Bank . Specify in your bank the possibility of applying one or another model of reducing the debt burden.



  • 1 Legislative base for early loan closure
  • 2 Why early loan repayment is profitable
  • 3 What gives a partial repayment of the mortgage
  • 4 How to make early mortgage loan payments
  • 5 Can I change the calendar date of payment
  • 6 Using state aid and state programs to pay off mortgages
  • 7 What to do after the mortgage is paid off

Legislative framework for early closing of the loan

According to the Federal Law “On Mortgage (real estate pledge)” dated July 16, 1998 N 102-FZ , there are no restrictions on the early closing of a housing loan. The client can close it completely on the second day after receiving the loan. Some banks are trying to protect themselves from such customers by offering them disadvantageous conditions for the complete cancellation of the debt during the first six months. Thus, the contract may provide for a commission of up to 5%.

Some financial and credit organizations impose a moratorium on total cancellation within two months after the issuance of the loan. The terms of the Sberbank standard contract do not provide for such conditions, and in general, even in other banks, due to the contradiction of such requirements of the law, they can be challenged in court.

Important: on the basis of federal law, the commission for early payments on loans and loans from individuals should not be charged.



Why early loan repayment is profitable

Why early loan repayment is profitable

Today, the absolute majority of mortgage loans offer an annuity debt repayment scheme. In this case, the client makes a payment in equal monthly installments. At the same time, interest is initially paid, and a small amount is spent on closing the loan body. That is, the first part of the term of the loan is mostly extinguished interest, the second half of the term of the loan allows you to focus on the principal debt. 

As for the differentiated payments, in this case the amount of the planned payment always changes, depending on the amount of the debt itself. However, in practice, it was not necessary to meet such a scheme for paying a housing loan, since the high amount of debt makes the monthly payments unaffordable for the borrower.
If it is not possible to completely close a mortgage based on annuity payments, try to make partial cancellations to reduce the debt burden.

It should be noted that in case of incomplete early closure of mortgage debt, Sberbank does not provide for a reduction in the term of the housing loan. The only option offered by this bank is to reduce the amount of the monthly payment.


What gives a partial repayment of the mortgage

Incomplete repayment usually involves two options for influencing the final payment schedule, namely:

  • Reducing the amount of the planned payment while maintaining the term of the contract.
  • Reducing the term of the contract while maintaining the amount of payment on schedule.

Most of the old contracts, which were executed before 2010, imply a reduction in the loan period while maintaining the amount of the monthly payment. Since 2010, almost all banks began to offer to change the amount of a fixed payment in the smaller direction – this is the way Sberbank of Russia went as the only one.

Making a complete debt closure ahead of time, read the review of the practice about the possibility of returning a part of the interest paid on the loan.


How to make early payments on the loan under the mortgage

How to make early payments on the loan under the mortgage

Debt cancellation on time according to the schedule to the mortgage contract is done without acceptance, i.e. without signing a special application for debiting the amount that is on the account at the date of payment under the contract.

To repay the principal debt over and above the schedule, you will need to come in person to a branch of Sberbank of Russia, deposit funds into the account to which you make monthly deposits. In the bank branch you will need to write an application for cancellation before the deadline.

The application shall indicate the name of the payer, the number of the loan agreement, the amount to be debited and other information that may be needed to debit funds from the account. A sample application can be obtained from the loan officer.

The minimum amount for making the advance payment schedule in Sberbank has not been established. After early repayment, the client receives a new loan schedule, taking into account the reduction in the amount of debt.


Can I change the calendar date of payment

Can I change the calendar date of payment

This opportunity is provided by most lenders. However, you can be disappointed with Sberbank. The fact is that the date of payment is fixed in the credit documentation and in the mortgage agreement, which have been approved by the credit committee of the bank and registered with the Rosreestr. To make changes to them, you will need to get a new approval and registration, which is not comparable in labor costs with the final result in the form of transfer of the payment date.

However, you can simultaneously with a partial early repayment of the loan, try your luck, and even get some result. This is due to the fact that Sberbank has a macroregional structure of subordination (for example, the entire European center of Russia, except Moscow, is subordinate to the Central Russian Bank of the Security Council of the Russian Federation), and the regulations of all banks are different.

In order to change the date of depositing funds, you must go to the bank branch and write a statement. You will need the following documents:

  • Passport.
  • Loan agreement
  • Account statement where it will be seen exactly when the money is received.
  • Statement explaining the situation.

The application is reviewed within 30 days.

You can read about mortgage restructuring programs in Sberbank in case of difficulties with loan repayment.


Using state aid and state programs to pay off mortgages

Using state aid and state programs to pay off mortgages

Today, at the federal level and in the regions there are various state programs that allow you to compensate the client’s mortgage costs in full or in part. The most popular program is matkapital. To use it to close a part of the mortgage debt, the following documents are necessary for the Pension Fund of Russia:

  • Passport and SNILS.
  • Birth certificates of children and marriage certificate.
  • Information on the loan (loan agreement, account number, details).
  • Statement.
  • Certificate from the bank about the size of the debt.
  • The obligation that the children will be allocated a share in the residential real estate, which was acquired through mortgage funds.
  • Certificate for the right to receive matkapitala.
  • Documents on the credited property.
  • Other documents that may be required by experts of the FIU.

No documents will be required to the bank. After transferring money to the account, take a new cancellation schedule or remove the encumbrance from the property if the loan is completely closed.

The program “Young Family” is also quite popular. According to this program, it is necessary to be recognized as in need of better housing conditions. You can get this status in the housing department of the local administration. You will need passports of all family members (birth certificates for children), income certificate, documents for existing housing (if available). An important condition is the age of family members up to 35 years.

There are also other programs that allow you to offset part of the cost of a mortgage. These include: regional capital for maternity support, subsidies for the construction of an individual dwelling house.

Learn about the possibilities of using parent capital to pay off mortgages in our article.


What to do after paying off the mortgage

What to do after paying off the mortgage

There are potential pitfalls when closing a mortgage ahead of time. This is relevant for old contracts: I can include commissions, moratoriums on early closure. Since the requirements that improve the position of the consumer are retroactive, the obstacles to early payments in the form of commissions and prohibitions can be challenged.

Important: after the full early repayment is necessary to remove the encumbrance from the property, which was a pledge.

The bank will not independently take the initiative without your quickness. First of all, you need to write an application for a mortgage, which the bank must repay in Rosreestr. Then you will need to contact the Rosreestr together with the bank to remove the encumbrance. Currently, the appeal to the Rosreestr is carried out through the local MFC. At the same time, a power of attorney authorized by the Sberbank employee provides a certificate of debt closure.

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