How can we rebuild our credit standing?

Many of us have already seen the importance of specific creditworthiness in our lives. Without it, we will not receive a favorable credit or loan even at some non-bank companies. Yes, we can apply for a cash injection, but usually we can only do it in non-bank companies, on fairly unfavorable conditions. Can this be remedied? Yes of course. However, we need some time for this. It may take from a few to several months. Thanks to these few measures, we can rebuild our creditworthiness and easily reach for a more favorable loan and loan in a non-bank company.


Some relevant information + several months = good creditworthiness

Some relevant information + several months = good creditworthiness

Scoring is a very important element according to which our creditworthiness is assessed. Many factors contribute to this assessment. Some of them have a big impact, others don’t matter. It all depends on why our creditworthiness has been undermined. Improving this rating is not easy and pleasant. Certainly not completed this now and now. It takes time, but we can do it step by step.

Let’s start by reaching for the BIK report. From it we will learn exactly what and to what extent affects the scoring. Certainly untimely repayments of previous obligations may adversely affect our assessment. However, if we focus and try not to disappoint for some time, we will rebuild our trust quite quickly and effectively.

Let’s think about whether we actually need the credit cards we have or do we actually use them? Because the very possession of them has a destructive effect on our assessment. Let’s give up those we don’t use. Why do we need such a range of cards in the wallet?

Entries about us in debtors’ databases can ruin our scoring . Let’s check what they write about us. It is known that negative annotations in BIG are of great importance when taking non-bank loans, because they mainly use these databases. It also happens that they use the Credit Information Bureau, such as Wonga, for example.

Improving the assessment in this case is not difficult, provided that we have the funds to repay liabilities, thanks to which we have found the list of debtors. However, when we pay back the debt in small steps, we will soon be able to take advantage of non-bank loans.


Improving our history is to find a lender who will trust us enough to lend us money

Improving our history is to find a lender who will trust us enough to lend us money

It is best if it is a company that uses BIK. Then, by repaying the commitment made on time, we are already building our positive assessment. The BIK will annotate that we have repaid the loan from the parabank on time. This move will open the door for further loans in non-bank companies. And that’s a good start.

A quick installment loan in a parabank is also a good way to improve your credit history. Of course, provided that we pay it back on time. On the one hand, the source of our income does not matter when taking out these loans and it can work to the advantage and disadvantage. Because it is good if we have sufficient income and we are able to pay the liability regularly and on time, then the lack of sufficient income can only plunge us. First of all, timely repayment of obligations is the most important thing.

It is a mistake to have too many credit cards that we don’t use. However, if you do not have them, it is worth submitting an application for one, or setting an overdraft on your account. Timely fulfillment of such obligations may also have a positive impact on our assessment as reliable borrowers.

The strangest thing is that the rating is not so much beneficial from these products as it is to have them at all. If we have a credit card and we do not have delays in repayment, it already works in our favor. If there are no delays in repayment, this is enough information for the potential lender.

A good way to improve our credit standing and credit history is to borrow small amounts and pay them back meticulously. After several such operations, we can apply for higher and higher amounts and pay them back regularly and on time. In this way, we build our credibility in the eyes of lenders.


We cannot accelerate this process

credit standing

Borrowing several products at the same time will not improve our credibility faster. There is such a thing as the BIK algorithm, according to which, if we incur several liabilities at one time, it may mean that we repay one liability to another. And this in turn means that we have problems with financial liquidity and this, in turn, reduces our scoring.

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