Payday loan debt relief -Payday debt consolidation companies: find out more now

Do you have multiple loans, outstanding debts from credit cards or a bank overdraft? Did you know that for many of these loans, interest is often paid too high? Sometimes up to 14% interest per year on loans from credit cards or overdrafts. If you take out your loan or combine your loans, you can save a lot of money. Read how this works in this blog.

Payday debt consolidation companies: find out more now

If you have several payday loans, consolidating your payday loans into one large loan at is cheaper and a smart choice. By combining your payday loans, you know what you have. Provide an overview of which loans you have where and how high the outstanding amounts are. Think not only of ordinary loans but also of revolving loans, outstanding amounts on your credit card, overdraft at the bank and purchase on installment. You often pay high interest on the last three, which means you can easily save a lot of them. Moreover, the interest is currently low and you can now repay the loan free of charge in the meantime. Moreover, the interest on a large loan amount is lower than the different interest rates on small loans.

Merging loans gives you financial peace and overview

By transferring your loan to 1 lender, you are also released from your loan faster. You not only pay a lower interest rate, but you can also change your term and you get new loan conditions. That gives you financial peace and an overview.

Transfer loan by a bank

Do you have a loan with your home bank? Read here how you can transfer your loan at ABN AMRO, ING or Rabobank.

Do you have a revolving credit there? Then choose a personal payday loan with a lower fixed interest!

Free online transfer service: grab that saving!

Transferring a loan may seem complicated, but it is not. You can at any time transfer your current loan to a new loan for free. You use this for free via our online transfer service. In addition, we cancel your old loans at the ABC. Our credit specialists give you personal advice and calculate how high the savings are for you. This way you know exactly how much you will save.

The benefits of relocating via ABC

  • Pay only one fixed amount per month
  • Benefit from a lower interest rate
  • We will arrange the transfer for you free of charge



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