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Image result for cheap banksReal estate loan, the cheapest banks are they always necessarily those that we believe? How to find a low rate bank for your future home loan when it comes to embarking on an investment of a lifetime? Can we consider that there is specifically between all those who compete today as always banks that are among the cheapest for a mortgage ? As many questions as it is more legitimate to ask before embarking on such a life adventure that is the acquisition of a property that requires a real loan and we will try to answer the best.

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What are the cheapest banks?

The new possibilities created by the new information and communication technologies have created banking organizations that are particularly competitive on many points when compared to their historical competitors, which are the “traditional” banks. line . But what if you want to take out a mortgage? Can online banks be serious competitors in this particular niche of credit and even more so mortgage?

Very clearly and as a good credit simulation will tell you sometimes, the answer is yes. Online banks offer very attractive offers that are just as good if not more than traditional historical banks. The brake that most likely still today prevents many people from using online banking is the issue of the ease of physically speaking with a counselor when needed.

It is true that at this level, the physical institutions of major French and international banking companies have many physical agencies in hard and with them advisors with whom you can make an appointment when a need arises. Even if this tends to develop, not everyone is ready for the relationship of trust in which everything or almost everything is done at a distance and even if there is no causality with the fact that your business is less well managed, this can be understood.

Which bank offers the lowest real estate rate?

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Of all banks, which is the one that offers the lowest rate to subscribe a mortgage ? The answer to this question is simple, it depends! Indeed, subject to fluctuating elements extremely numerous (course CAC 40, change in the volume of customers in the portfolio (and therefore need to recruit new), the overall situation of the group at a time T, etc.) so this depends.

Sometimes it will be a bank that will offer a rate on the mortgage at 1.8% when its competitors will be 1.9% and 2%, and sometimes the one that proposed a rate of 2% may decide to lower rate it offers its customers on a mortgage at 1.7% and thus be one of the cheapest banks for a mortgage . this can change extremely frequently and it will be up to you, if you plan to make a mortgage, to look regularly around the different offers and not hesitate to probe the broad spectrum banks by seeking a maximum to maximize chances to find the one with the lowest rate now (finally when you are concerned).

The other solution that you can consider to allow you to be sure of having benefited from the best rate for your mortgage , especially when you know the personal investment that this represents, is to have recourse to a real estate broker. The latter, which is the specialty know almost in real time which banks offer the best rates and will know at a moment T find the one that will offer the most attractive rate depending on your situation and what you have the right. Of course, with very few exceptions, using a broker will allow you to have a lower rate, but you will have to pay for the brokerage service that he has offered you. It’s up to you to consider everything and take everything into account so that in the end it will not be worth more.

Make sure you have the lowest rate: how to do it?

With all that we have just said, there is always the question: how do you make sure you get the best rate? Without necessarily not being 100% sure, the best way is to compare well, to take everything into account in the calculation (rate of your mortgage, cost of compulsory loan insurance, fees, etc.). ). Do as much simulations and calculations as you can to get an idea as accurately as possible and then contact a maximum of lenders asking them what is the TAEG rate and compare to see who offers you the lowest rate .

Last but not least, if you are looking for a low interest rate bank for your home loan , you will probably consolidate all your banking services within this same bank and this is also what we must consider. If you lose all the savings made by an immo loan at a favorable rate afterwards with consequent costs on all your other needs this may not be the best thing in the end. Again, no miracle or mystery, you must calculate everything to consider everything before you decide to be sure to make the right choice.

We come back here to the online banks that offer very attractive benefits on management fees and others, but the problem of the lack of proximity remains in place, so it is a choice that belongs to you alone .

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